Spring 2012

Reflecting on the films

Respond to any or all of the following in comments:

  • Which of the films we screened is your favorite?
  • Which did you find most interesting from the perspective of looking at m-e-s?
  • Which was your least favorite?
  • Which was the least interesting in terms of m-e-s?
  • Which film did you watch for the first time and are glad that you did?
  • Which film did you watch for the first time and will never watch again?

Second thematic essay: supplemental images

One of the requirements of the second essay is to include a close reading of one of the 5/45/85 frame grabs from the second set of films or of an alternative, which you can select yourself or may be suggested by me. I have chosen the following images from The Age of Innocence, The Dark Knight and The Royal Tenenbaums:

From The Age of Innocence:


(at 18:49)


(at 73:43)


(at 110:21)

From The Dark Knight:


(at 10:24)


(at 89:25)

From The Royal Tenenbaums:


(at 4:50)


(at 27:08)

Finals Week information

  • You may submit your final essay starting at 12:01 am on M 6/11. I will not accept this assignment before this day and time.
  • We will not meet as a class during Finals Week.
  • No extensions will be granted for after 5:00 pm on F 6/15. To count for Spring grades, work must be submitted by that day, date, and time.
  • Week 1o blogging continues until W of Finals Week (6/13).
  • Check my home page for information about office hours during Finals Week.